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Mon Jul 29, 2013, 5:56 PM by wolfsbainhaku:iconwolfsbainhaku:
The new beginning

Smog darkened the air, and the people of Shuwei seemed to walk like zombies with no set destination in mind.  Content with being less, with living in those worn down streets. Refusing to truly live and strive for a better tomorrow.

It had been three years Since UmagaTinte appeared amongst the masses. For three whole years rumors had circulated about a special tattoo shop where wishes came true as long as you had a desire and enough guts to go under the needle.

It almost seemed that as soon as it the legend started it also had come to an end. Those who believed dwindled down to none. It was classified as a hoax, an urban legend. But those few who remained from that time knew better. The ink might have run out but their memories were still there. The unsaid words and unanswered questions. They didn't keep quiet because they were afraid to be deemed a liar, but that they too might disappear. That they'd die like all of the others. Two Disciples and almost the entirety of the ten beta testers were gone.

It was all suppose to be just a game. A Game to receive power beyond imagination. A quest for happiness, a better life than the one they were given in this stagnant pool of a city.

Not everyone had a tragic past. We had all come here for our own reasons, with our own stories. Most came from Shuhwei but some even came from the outskirts of Arhan. Umaga Tinte had brought us all together and given us all a chance. They tested our hearts, our very souls. But the ones from Arhan…they were the very first to disappear and soon enough the so called disappearances spread like an infection.

Soon enough everything changed. Laws were enacted from Arhan which initially had been minimal before  risen not only in number but severity. Thats when we started to realized that they knew about our powers. What other reason could there be? Now the higher ups of Arhan were just subjugating us and trying to crush us like bugs beneath their feat.

They wanted to stop this anomaly before it spread. Before it was too late and the tables were turned. They didn't want a reality where we were their equals… or should I say their rivals.

While they lived in their little bubble ignoring our pain and suffering. A millennia of mistreatment at our backs and being treated as less because of the station we were born in. Who would trust us not to rise up against them and take justice into our own hands?

All we wanted was to dream. To taste that little bit of heaven just out of our reach. To have a choice in life.

Umaga Tinte would return, giving the people the power to fight.

With just the flip of a page the dream would begin again.

//Do you wish to change? Do you wish for something better? Why are you here? What exactly do you desire? Come to Umaga Tinte where dreams can become a reality, if your strong enough to grasp it//


Thu Jul 25, 2013, 10:39 AM by wolfsbainhaku:iconwolfsbainhaku:

A friend of mine is motivating me to work on this again

if you want to stay comment on this journal by tomorrow

if not you will be booted but you may apply at a later appoint in time

Also app revamps and cleaning the gallery up

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